Membership Council

The Membership Council focuses on ideas to grow, engage and maintain the membership of OSHP. The council includes representation from OSHP Chapters (Northern, Southern, Student and Technician) and seeks to support the needs of members through coordinated programming and events. Through the development of Sections, the Council has created networks for pharmacists, technicians, students and industry members throughout the state to share ideas and experiences.

Membership Council Reports / Updates

Council activities and goals:

  • Membership drives
  • Coordination of Chapter and Section events
  • Develop new member engagement strategies
  • Support Section leaders in planning and executing section activities
  • Identify methods to engage members across the state, and across practice settings

Membership Council Meetings

The Membership Council meets monthly with conference call availability. Click here for calendar of events. Members have the opportunity to contribute to activities that are important to OSHP.  If you are interested in becoming involved with the council, please contact the Council Chairs!

2023-2024 Membership Council Co-Chairs:

Stacey Olstad - [email protected]
Terri Bianco - [email protected] 

Industrial Relations Council (IRC)

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