ASHP House of Delegates

The House of Delegates is the ultimate authority over ASHP professional policies, which express the Society's stance on important issues related to health-system pharmacy practice and medication use in society.  The House of Delegates meets annually at the ASHP Summer Meeting, where it reviews policy proposals that have been approved by the Board of Directors; most professional policies are initially drafted by ASHP councils or the executive committees of sections and forums. The Chair of the House of Delegates is Amber Lucas.

Participating in policy making is one of the most important functions that a state affiliate society like OSHP can contribute to the larger efforts of our national society.  ASHP uses these approved policies in their daily business of running ASHP, advocating for the profession, and most importantly ensuring safe and effective medication use for our patients.

OSHP is awarded 3 delegate representatives to ASHP annually.  OSHP membership elects these delegates to multi-year service obligations, which overlap with each other, ensuring longitudinal consistency.  The current OSHP delegates are (as of 01.01.2024): 3 year Delegate (end 12/31/2024): Ryan Gibbard

  • 3 year Delegate (ending 12/31/2024): Ryan Gibbard
  • 3 year Delegate (ending 12/31/2025): Ryan Wargo
  • 3 year Delegate (ending 12/31/2026): Edward Saito
  • 3 year Delegate Alternate (ending 12/31/2024):  Michael Lanning

In order for each delegate to be prepared to debate and decide on the outcome of each recommended policy by the time the House meets in early June, your delegates attend Regional Delegates Conferences (RDC) in early May.

(from left to right) Edward Saito, Ryan Gibbard and Vicki Wallace. #ASHPHouseofDelegates#OSHP

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