Legal & Regulatory Affairs Committee (LRAC)

Legal and Regulatory Affairs is responsible for review and interpretation of proposed legislation and actual changes in laws, rules and regulations affecting public health, pharmacy and hospital pharmacy practice and for interpretation and application of state Society principles and ethics.

LRAC works on a variety of projects for OSHP.  Some responsibilities and recent examples of LRAC activities are:

  • Coordinate and prioritize goals and objectives for the upcoming legislative year.
  • Participate in the interpretation of proposed legislation and testify at the State Capital as indicated.
  • Coordinate with the lobbyist on all activities related to public policy and legislation.
  • Serve as OSHP representatives to the Oregon Pharmacy Coalition.
  • Provide input on formation of Political Action Committee Board of Trustees and fundraising plan.
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LRAC Meetings

LRAC meets in conjunction with the Professional Affairs Committee, and ad hoc based on current legislative activity.  LRAC meets on the 3rd Wednesday of the month from 4pm-5pm. PAC meets approximately every 6-8 weeks in person, with the option of conference calling - click here for events calendar.  Members have the opportunity to contribute to activities that are important to OSHP.  If you are interested in becoming involved with the LRAC, please contact a Committee Chair!

Andrew Albanese - OHSU
Mike Millard

Mike Millard

OSHP Legislative Activity

MAC Appeal Kit

OSHP is working to gain insight regarding the appropriate implementation of HB 2123 (see attached copy of the original bill) which requires Pharmacy Benefit Managers to provide a reasonable mechanism for MAC appeals and to handle them in a timely manner.  Chris Brown, working with the pharmacy Coalition, has developed a form that can be used to quickly identify and submit an appeal.  Please review Chris’s letter and feel free to utilize this appeal memo when submitting an appeal.

Prescription Drug Monitoring Program

The Oregon Health Authority recently published a report on drug overdoses in Oregon using data from the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program, Oregon Hospitalizations: Hospital Discharge Index and SAMHSA. This report exemplifies the effort of the Oregon PDMP to focus on the public health aspects of controlled substance use, and the reduction of hospitalization and death as a result of their use and abuse. OSHP has been supportive of the creation and expansion of the PDMP database to help
pharmacy practitioners improve the prescription use of controlled substances, and the safety of these medications in the home. The Prescription Drug Monitoring Program is supported by a 25 dollar fee attached to the licensing of all prescribers and pharmacists. For more information click here.