Professional Relations Council (PRC)

The Council on Professional Relations is responsible for professional and scientific matters including the development and improvement of the professional practice of pharmacy in hospitals and related institutions, the development of standards, guides and related materials, and cooperation with allied organizations and agencies.  With its subcommittees of Newsletter and Legal & Regulatory Affairs, PRC extends is responsibilities to include public outreach and support, improving communication within the Society and between its partners, and reviewing and interpreting proposed legislation and current law changes that affect public health and pharmacy practice.

The PRC collaborates on a variety of projects for OSHP.  Recent and ongoing efforts include:

  • Promote National Pharmacy Week and National Poison Prevention Month
  • Facilitate uptake and completion of ASHP Pharmacy Practice Model Initiative Hospital Self-Assessment (PPMI HSA) bench marking across all Oregon hospitals
  • Schedule coordinated health promotion/pharmacy outreach events in which OSHP members routinely participate, in collaboration with and support of the Oregon State College of Pharmacy and Pacific School of Pharmacy Student Chapters affiliated with OSHP
  • Website development and continuous improvement of content
  • Investigation and development of social media as part of OSHP’s communications strategy
  • Production of the monthly Newsbriefs
  • Coordination of legislation activities with the Oregon Pharmacy Coalition
  • Social event planning
  • Other activities at the request of the Board

Annual schedule of OSHP public health/community outreach events: COMING SOON

Public health/community outreach events participation form:  COMING SOON

Public health/community outreach events – Pharmacy Preceptor Resources:  COMING SOON

PRC Meetings

The PRC meets approximately every 6-8 weeks in person, with the option of conference calling - Click here for Calendar of Events.  Members have the opportunity to contribute to activities that are important to OSHP.  If you are interested in becoming involved with the PRC, please contact the Committee Chair!

2023-2024 PRC Co-Chairs

Maggie Noble
Santiam Hospital

Jessica Hendrix
Oregon State University