Learn more about OSHP Student Brianda Alcazar

Title: Doctor of Pharmacy Candidate (P2)
Organization: OSU/OHSU college Of Pharmacy

Why i chose pharmacy?:
I grew up in a medically underserved community and know how challenging access to healthcare is to some communities. As a Latina woman I also grew up listening to family member opinions about the use of medications and it didn’t make sense to me. As an adult I realized that part of these opinions stem from distrust in my community towards western medicine. I want to make a difference in the lives of people like my family and be a bridge between them and their health. My hope is that being both bilingual and bicultural can be an asset in strengthening this bridge. 

Professional Activities:

I’m the current Co-chair for Operation Women’s Health Campaign and a member of the Underserved Committee at OSU/OHSU College of Pharmacy. I’m a student member of OSHP’s Educational Affairs Committee. I’m also a Rx Advocate at Albany’s InReach Clinic, which primarily serves underserved populations in the area.

Outside of the pharmacy world, I serve as a Board Member for Bienestar, a Hillsboro based non-profit that provides housing and support services to low income, immigrant and farm working families. I’m also part of the Immigrant Solidarity Project in Washington county, as part of the project I advocate for immigrant rights and serve as an available resource in this subject for our community.

my career goals:

I would like to pursue residency after graduation, both a PGY-1 and a PGY-2. I’m hoping I can pursue residency in order to learn more about ambulatory care pharmacy. I would like to also gain experience in academia. My passion lies in working for underserved communities, I’m hopeful I can find a residency that can fulfill this and where I can grow as a leader. 

I’ve always been an advocate at heart; thus, I know I would like to be engaged in professional pharmacy organizations in order to develop professionally and advocate for the needs of our profession and our patients. 

fun fact about myself:

I love and enjoy cooking, especially Mexican food (enchiladas Michoacánas are my favorite). I find peace and calmness in being outdoors, in camping, hiking, and yard work. I also really enjoy social events that involve dancing, it’s a big part of my culture. 

Advice to future Students:

Be proud of who you are and the strengths you bring to the profession from your personal experiences and background. Surround yourself with positive and supportive people, and keep in mind that your journey in the pharmacy profession will not be a straight line. This is especially true currently with what we are all facing considering COVID-19. I myself am a mother of two elementary students and now need to juggle my own academics and a teaching role in theirs. I’ve had to make unexpected changes to my journey, but I have grown through them.

Be as engaged as you possibly can while having a balance with academics because that is how you will build relationships with your peers, professors, and others in the pharmacy world. Always have an open mind and ask yourself how you can continuously grow both personally and professionally. If you’re not already aware of what Cultural Humility is and the role it plays in how we serve as healthcare providers, I would highly encourage you to become familiar with this. 

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