OSHP Proposed Merger with OSPA

This page hosts materials for membership to understand the work that has been done by the Board to explore the potential for a merger with OSPA.  The report from the first merger taskforce as well as membership polls reflecting desire for more work on this topic can be found below. 

Initial merger summary:  https://oshp.memberclicks.net/assets/Board/2016-2017/JULY2016/1%20oshp%20ospa%20potential%20merge%20summary%20document.pdf

Poll:  https://oshp.memberclicks.net/assets/Membership/oshp%20membership%20survey%20-%202016%20for%20website%20post.pdf

Final Merger Proposal (uploaded 4.27.2016): https://oshp.memberclicks.net/assets/Board/oshp-ospa%20pharmacy%20organization%20merger%20proposal%20final.pdf

OSHP Past President Opposition to an Oregon Pharmacy Association Merger: assets/Board/past presidents oppose oshp-ospamerger_05132017.pdf

OSHP-OSPA Merger Survey Results: assets/Board/2017 oshp-ospa merger membership survey results.pdf

OSHP will be engaging membership in further discussion on this topic in the coming months.  A report from the 2nd merger taskforce will be posted soon after the Annual Seminar.

Thank you,

Zach McCall
OSHP 2016-2017 President