Please consider nominating yourself or a colleague to serve on the OSHP Board of Directors!  Expand your professional network, be part of important policy and regulatory affairs discussions regarding issues related to expanded roles for technicians, pharmacist prescribing, drug shortages, and credentialing/privileging, and be known by your colleagues.  Elected officers (see below for open positions) will serve to advance the OSHP mission:

The Oregon Society of Health-System Pharmacists is a professional pharmacy organization that advocates excellence in pharmacy practice. We strive to achieve this by supporting our members through:

  • Educational opportunities promoting safe, efficacious and optimal drug therapy
  • Provision of a forum for the exchange of ideas and opportunities, and
  • Interpretation and development of legislation relating to pharmacy practice standards.

OSHP is currently seeking the following professionals to serve in leadership positions:

  •     President-Elect (3 year commitment)
  •     Treasurer (2 year commitment)
  •     Junior Board Member-at-Large (2 year commitment)
  •     Northern Chapter Chair-Elect (2 year commitment)
  •     Southern Chapter Chair-Elect (2 year commitment)

Nomination Ballots are due no later than January 31, 2019 | Election Ballots will be emailed/mailed on March 1, 2019.

If you have questions about the responsibilities of the positions, please refer to the list of current officers on the OSHP website at  Please feel free to contact those individuals directly, as they will be happy to share a description of the unique opportunities associated with their office!  Nominees will be contacted before appearing on the Election Ballot.

3 Ways to nominate!

  1. Please complete the Nomination Ballot and mail to:
    Oregon Society of Health-Systems Pharmacists
    c/o Edward Saito
    147 SE 102nd Ave,  Portland, Oregon 97216

  2. Please complete the Nomination Ballot and email to:

  3. Click here to nominate online!